How to Install and Using EDC BLOCKCHAIN Mobile Wallet

4 min readAug 31, 2019

EDC Blockchain is a global platform with its own cryptocurrency, providing ready-made blockchain solutions for business.

EDC BLOCKCHAIN wallet has updated, turning it into a multipurpose tool with a simple interface.

Wallet Features:

> The ability to store any tokens issued on the EDC Blockchain.
> Multi-currency support.
> Accessibility on all platforms and browsers.
> Fast and secure transactions.
> Ability to lease coins to the masternode for mining directly from the wallet.

How to install the EDC blockchain wallet?

To use it, you must download and install an EDC wallet on your smartphone. First, you have to do is:

  1. Open your favorite browser, then enter “” in the URL column.

2. On the main page, select Android to download the application to your smartphone.

Click Android icon

3. After successfully downloading it, open the file and install it.

Open download file

4. Finally, you have installed the EDC blockchain wallet on your smartphone.

Installation complete

Then how to use the EDC blockchain wallet?

After successfully installing the EDC wallet application, you are ready to use it. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the EDC wallet application, on the start menu select Registration, because we need an account first.
Click the Registration menu

2. On the registration menu, enter a username (only supports lowercase letters and be sure to add numbers to your username). For passwords only use numbers, consisting of 4 to 8 digits. After being filled, click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Create Your Account

3. You will get Brainkey, make sure you keep 12 words in a safe place. if so, click the I’VE WRITTEN & COPY button.

Important: Take care of your Brainkey well, don’t lose it. Because that is the key to accessing your wallet!

BackUp in a safe place

4. Finally, you have the EDC blockchain wallet in your hand.

EDC blockchain wallet

Now you can use the EDC blockchain wallet to send and receive payments.

SEND: To send coins to other users, you only need to choose what coins you want to send (for example I want to send EDC coins) in the following column:

> Amount: fill in the number of coins to be sent.
> WALLETS: fill in the destination wallet.
> MEMO: fill in if needed by the recipient’s memo.

if is already filled in, you only need to press the SEND FUNDS button.
note: the fee required for each transaction is 0.001 coins

send a coin to other

RECIEVE: To receive payments from other people, you only need to provide the username or QRcode in your wallet.

it’s easy to use EDC blockchain wallet on a smartphone. You can use it wherever and whenever. For now only an android version is available. the iOS version will be released soon

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