Instar Wallet - The Best Way To Earn Cryptocurrency While Preserving Your Privacy

It is not often that one finds a cryptocurrency project as professional and as full of unexpected surprises as Insights Network.

Insights Network (INSTAR) is an ambitious blockchain based project aiming to build a secure infrastructure for decentralized research data exchange, which allows individuals and organizations to exchange data in a trustworthy, compliant, and mutually beneficial way. Its development began when skilled and experienced developers from various backgrounds realized the need of having a decentralized infrastructure capable of refashioning the current centralized and highly inefficient data brokerage system, in order to return freedom, privacy, and data under users’ control.

Recently, the team made a huge step towards fulfilling their goals and vision, by releasing the new beta version of their platform: Instar Wallet. Even more promisingly Insights Network is already ahead of the competition with their technology and unique services and they are continuing to build great momentum and generate traction, now that organizations can actually start running surveys for research purposes while you as an Instar Wallet user can earn cryptocurrency if you decide to share your data by completing such surveys.

What Is Instar Wallet And How Does It Work?

Instar Wallet is not just a wallet, as the name might suggest; it is a complete solution that connects organizations and individuals for mutually beneficial data exchange. Moreover, it allows you to watch price movements of your favorite digital currencies, learn about blockchain technology and earn cryptocurrency by completing the surveys conducted by different organizations through the platform.

The team did an awesome job in designing the application. It is pretty intuitive, easy-to-use and performs great on all types of browsers, either PC or mobile. The Android version of the application is already available for download, should you wish to download it on your device. Let’s have some of Instar Wallet key features explained so you can better understand how it works:

1. Earn Tokens

Everyone who registers an account with Instar Wallet is automatically qualified to earn tokens. You only have to participate in the daily polls and surveys conducted through Instar Wallet. As we explained in one of our articles, there are several ways to start your Crypto Adventure and earn cryptocurrencies and Instar Wallet seems to be one of the best ways to get you on-boarded in the cryptocurrency world.The amount of tokens you could earn depends on the nature of the data collection method participated. Different data seekers will be looking for different classes of data which will determine the size of the compensation you will get. You can participate in all the survey conducted as there is no maximum reward one can get.
Furthermore, the team is constantly improving their technology, with the sole purpose of enhancing user’s experience, while providing top-notch security. Soon, they will be deploying other data sharing methods and cool features to their platform such as location sharing, Data pols, Instar Cold Wallet Integration and additional exciting features. You can check out their road-map, to find out more.

2. Watch Prices

Instar Wallet also makes it possible to monitor price movements of your favorite cryptocurrencies. While there are several dedicated applications that can do this, Instar Wallet saw this feature as a necessity in order to spare you the time and effort of checking multiple applications. Currently, you can check real-time prices for BTC, ETH, EOS, and INSTAR. Other assets are likely to be added with future updates and as the user base grows.

3. Control Of Your Data

For years, the data brokerage industry has been completely broken. Each year, over $200 Billion of data is exchanged in an unfair and non-transparent way. Data brokers collect data on individuals around the world from a wide array of sources, both online and offline and package it into profiles, which they sell to organizations that are using them to make decisions that impact our lives without ever being aware of it or without having any benefits. To give you a glimpse of how broken this industry is, let me remind you about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, when it was revealed, in early 2018, that Cambridge Analytica had harvested the personal data of millions of people’s Facebook profiles without their consent and used it for political purposes.
With Instar Wallet, you will have the power in your hands; you will determine who gets to use your data and how they get to use it. Instar Wallet also provides data seekers an opportunity to obtain first-hand data in a trustworthy, compliant, and mutually beneficial way.

4. INSTAR Learning Lab

Instar Wallet Learning Lab will be a one-stop shop for education on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It will spare you the effort and headaches of having to check numerous websites and browse through hundreds of articles to have a complete overview of a crypto or blockchain topic you’d like to learn about. Instar wallet aims to provide its users with complete, yet easy-to-read and easy-to-understand guides on crypto and blockchain technology for educational purposes. Their knowledge sharing team is fast growing with every contributor being added to the Insights Network community.

INSTAR Wallet Account Sign-up

The first step to start enjoying the benefits of Instar Wallet is creating your account. The initial sign-in screen is straightforward. You have to type in your email address and chosen password. An e-mail will be sent out to you to complete the registration and verification process. Instar Wallet features one of the fastest KYC services I have ever come across; once you choose the preferred KYC method available in your country (either ID verification, Passport or Driving Licenses), you just have to take submit a picture chosen method and a selfie, and the account will be verified within minutes. Check out the image below:

INSTAR Referral Program

To mark the exciting milestone of INSTAR Blockchain, INSTAR Tracker, INSTAR for Google Play, and the new INSTAR Web Wallet Beta launch, the team surprised its supports, and not only, with one of the coolest Referral Competitions.
Everyone with an Instar Wallet account is welcome to participate and the top referrer will win 500,000 INSTAR tokens plus a trip to the tropical paradise of Sri Panwa, in Phuket, Thailand. The second and third runners-up will receive 300,000 and 200,000 INSTAR tokens respectively while the top fifty referrers thereafter will receive 25,000 INSTAR tokens. So don’t miss this change!

The team behind Insights Network seems to be restless; their 2019 road-map is paved with even more awesome features which Instar Wallet users are likely to appreciate. Dauntlessly, Insights Network is trying to fix the problems of a centralized and highly inefficient data brokerage system and we think Instar Wallet has the potential to refashion this broken system and position itself for future dominance of the decentralized data market. Good luck guys and keep up the good work!

Useful Links

For further information on the Insights Network and their work, please use the following links: Website, Whitepaper, Roadmap, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Reddit.

Join Instar Wallet :

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